Fitness For All is a Strength Training gym and Studios, was designed to provide a variety of classes and activities for all member of the community. Based in Woolton Village, our facility consists of two Fitness Studios, plus a Spin Studio, two Gyms, the first is a circuit training gym, full of Function Style training equipment - such is tyres, battling ropes, prowlers, to name but a few. The second gym - Bear Strength Training, is a members only gym - dedicated to teaching the skills needed, to lift, heavier, safer - based on Starting Strength training technique

Fitness For All opened in June 2014, but Jill Purdy, who has always been driven by the desire to provide a professional, yet fun environment. We have a great range of classes and also specialise in small group training and personal training, the suit all levels and abilities - whether you are a professional athlete, training for a specific event (we love Tough Mudder) or recovering from an illness or giving birth! We can help.

In 2016 we were very proud to launch Bear Strength Training. Bear Strength is a dedicated Strength gym with 4 separate Squat Racks and is a large area dedicated to Strength Training. This area is a members only area dedicated to teaching and perfecting your lifting techniques of the four main lifts - Deadlift, Overhead Press, Squat and Bench Press - this area is lead by our Stength Coach Dave Randles Blyth, who specialises in the Starting Strength Way of lifting. Within Bear Stength, we Have Stength Club Sessions and also PT sessions, there is also lots of open gym time (members only) where you get perfect your technique and progress your program.

Fitness For All also offer a fantastic treatment room where we offer Sports Massage, (by appointment only). Also we have an excellent Physiotherapist Team who offer assessment and treatment of all musculoskeletal disorders. Treatment can involve a combination of manual therapy, electrotheraphy, exercise (with support to return to your normal gym activity), acupuncture,soft tissue massage taping and ergonomic management. Also new to the team we now have a Respiratory therapist helping asthma suffers and associated breathing problems.